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Multidetox – a master ofdetox and body cleansing

We have prepared for you a very special products pecifically designed to detox and cleanse your body. What is a detox programme? Well, if you use medicines and/or prescribtion drugs, if you drink coffee, if stress is present in your daily life.... – subsequently your body is under a great deal of pressure!
In order to help your body deal with all the stress you should consider our Multi-Detoxplan, which will rid the body of chemicals, toxins, as well as prevent illness and will ensure the followin gsteps :
  • Detox diet
  • Body cleansing, specifically : Llver detox, Kidneycleanse, as well as Colon detox
  • A full body detox

A full body detox

A detoxplan / a diet is often viewed as a type of general cleansing process, similar to alternative internal hygiene steps.  Just as we wash our hands, shower and bath our bodies, or brush our teeth – almost subsconsciously, and automatically – we should devote the same amount of care and attention to the internal cleansiness of our bodies.
Which is why, internal cleansing, or detoxing our bodies should become an automatic, continuous and infinitive process, best implemented especially during the spring months.  Majority of harmful elements, and chemical toxins enter our bodies in the winter – hence, detoxing our bodies is anextremely useful tool, cleansing our bodies, helping us rid ourselves off the toxins, providing us with extra energy as well as strengthening our bodies whilst helping with weight-loss = detox diet.

Body detoxing / Cleansing

The body´s natural harmony and chemical balance, as well as energy levels are restored when harmful toxins and chemicals are flushed out of the body.  Internal stress levels are minimised, the body´s ability to self-regulate is restored.  A body detox, or cleansing means removing the chemicals and toxins from our bodies, establishing a natural connection combining advantages and benefits of both the western and the Chinese medicines methods.
However, it is absolutely necessary to be able to destinguish the safe, and effective detox methods from the harmful ones, which can be not only ineffective, but damaging as well.  Some products can be unsafe, these cause discomfort e.g., poor quality Aloe Vera derived products, laxatives etc. or amatuer colon cleansing!!  Of course, a professional colon detox plays an essential role in the body detox, as well as using professional detox products.

What are toxins???

All harmful elements entering our bodies, disturbing our internal balance, indirectly effecting the body self-cleansing processes.

Toxins categories

  1. Environmental toxins – chemicals present, radioactive substances....
  2. Substances – medicines, nicotine, alcohol....
  3. Foodstuff toxins–aditives, metabolic enhancements
  4. Psychological health factors – negative emotions, stress, anxieties
  5. Genetically  transferred  toxins – from the mother´s body to the foetus
  6. Microbiologica ltoxins – viruses, bacteria, infectious cells

Body detox / cleansing benefits

Detoxing our bodies – i.e. internal cleansing is often viewed as a form of general cleansing process, similar to internal organs hygiene.  Just as we wash our hands, shower and bath our bodies, or brush our teeth – we should devote the same amount of care and attention to the internal cleansiness of our bodies. Which is why, internal cleansing, or detoxing our bodies should become an automatic, continuous and infinitive process, best implemented during the spring months.  Our bodies are exposed to vast amounts of harmful elements, and chemical and other toxins especially in the winter –  hence, detoxing our bodies in the spring is most beneficial after the winter period.
Detox and body cleansing plans are an extremely useful tool, cleansing our organs, helping us rid ourselves off the toxins, re-energising our systems, whilst strengthening our bodies as well as aiding a weight-loss.

How to detox to improve our general health conditions and start weight-loss?

The main reason why body cleansing steps are necessary is to remove, rid our systems of harmful toxins and chemicals.  As with all mammals, our digestive tract is designed to tolerate and process raw foods, free of chemical or other enhancements and additives.  However, and sadly so – modern trends require foodstuff with a long shelf life, hence our foods are chemically altered and enhanced by adding preservatives, extended their perishable dates.  Subsequently, our digestive system has to withstand intake of chemicals, which it is originally not accustomed to.  Some of these e.g. additives, our bodies are familiar with, and are capable of digesting these.  Nonetheless, a vast majority gets stored in our organs, namely liver and colon, in addition to intercellular spaces and / or fat cells.

Clogged up systems

Everyone of us is exposed to the drawbacks of our modern lifestyles, with a variable degree. The degree of refined, processed, low-fibre foods, animal fats as well as a lack of excercise have taken toll on our digestive and internal organs.

Liver and liver detox

In fact, the liver is the main detoxifying organ of the body.  Greater demands on the liver function, resulting in extra toxins and chemicals being present in the system, can lead to health problems.  The body is unable to function properly, burning fewer calories, loosing weigh tbecomes more difficult.  To ensure that the liver is functioning in the most efficient and healthy  manner, it is very important it is cleansed properly.  Of course, the Multi-9-Detox product will enable you to do just that.

Colon and colon detox

There are a number of health issues, e.g. diarrhea, flatulence, toxins clogging of the bloodstream, reduced mineral and vitamins absorption etc. which stem from colon mal-functioning.
Colon cleansing, detox plans are fundamental in treating these conditions.
Did you know, that we can have a build up of improperly digested wheat and white flour deposits weighing up to10kgs in our bodies??
The above mentioned problems, or clogged up intestinal tract will in itself not cause you to be overweight.  Undoubtedly, losing 3-4kgs will most certainly count as an effective beginning to reducing your weight.

Intercellular spaces and pockets

Depositing of salts and other residues in intercellular spaces goes „hand in hand“ with an access water and fluids retention in the body.  An excess amount of fluids retention in the body is highly dangerous as it poses a major health threat.  As such, it should be regarded as a very concerning situation, and its harmful consequences should under no circumstances be underestimated.  Again, the Multi-9-Detox will help you to address this problem.

Fat cells

Clogging of the fat cells by the toxins automatically reduces their ability to burn fat properly, indirectly impacting their effective functioning.  When using detox steps/plans we will be able to treat the above issues, in addition we will feel much better and losing weight will become much easier as well.


In short, there are many reasons why to choose the Multi-9-Detox capsules as a cost-effective product when you want to lose weight or cleanse your internal organs.
The most profound one is however the fact that our health is priceless, and regular detox or internal cleansing should undoubtedly become an essential part of our health and well-being programmes.
Feel free to try our Multi-9-Detox capsules.  These are inexpensive, yet effective – Simply go to our online purchase link in the tabs above.